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Now you can apply D-Biz Programme for our services

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TAB NEXT ASIA is a Hong Kong based IT Service Provider.
We provide wide range of IT Total Solution.

Online System Application

With the usage of open-source frameworks, we can build up powerful web-applications such as website, e-commerce website, booking system, business directory, website, workflow management .etc…in a short period of time. Now, you may apply D-BIZ programme, TVP or BUD fund for our services.

System Development Service

Many vendors can do system development service but we are an expert as system integrator, which we have a lot of experiences in system integration with any 3rd party system. If you are a healthcare service provider, you MUST find us for further discussion

Cyber Security Audit

Nowadays, many systems are hosted in cloud server instead of hosting in local network. Hence, the system can be accessed from the Internet. Then cyber security is a concern whether our system has been well protected. For example, Healthcare patient data stored in is highly sensitive and often a target for criminals, therefore it requires an extra level of protection. If a vulnerability in a healthcare system makes it to production servers, it may have very serious consequences.

With our cyber security audit service, you can eliminate vulnerabilities at the earliest stages during the development or after development, and you can monitor vulnerabilities using leading-edge issue tracker tools.