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Customize solutions for leading hospitals

Elevate hospital efficiency with advanced, cost-effective, and fully customized solutions that include NEXT Operating Theatre (OT) system, mobile application development, system integration, and more. Using TABNEXT hospital solutions, hospitals can streamline workflows, reduce frontline work pressures, and enhance overall patient and stakeholder satisfaction

NEXT OT - Operating Theater System

NEXT Operating Theatre (OT) offers full functionality for operating theatres or day surgery centers, such as endoscopy and plastic surgery. Our cutting-edge solution empowers caregivers to track and monitor surgical procedures and alert the operating site pack to prevent potential medical incidents.

Top Features

Mobile App Development

Our fully customizable mobile app development solution includes both doctor and patient applications to conveniently access a wide range of healthcare services through the app, leading to improved patient satisfaction.

Top Features (Patient App)

Top Features (Doctor App)

Seamless System Integration

Our solution allows integrates seamlessly with medical equipment and systems. For example, integrating with FirstDataBank (FDB) drug database that empowers safer prescribing and dispensing practices.

Add-on Products or Services

Custom mini-program development
Fully customizable UI interface
Imaging Solution
Outpatient Management System
Medical Dashboard
Medical POS
NEXT Medical Image Brochure System
Data Protection
NEXT E-Consent Form

Advantages of Hospital Solution

Custom software development

Apart from our self-developed products, we also provide custom program development to tailor small-scale programs ideal for your hospital.

Dedicated team for handling your project

Our dedicated team is committed to handling your project with utmost care and attention, ensuring successful implementation and execution.

Excellent technical and customer service

We strive to provide high levels of customer satisfaction by meeting your needs, addressing your concerns promptly, and offering exceptional support.

Flexibility for

Our solution offers greater flexibility to customers, allowing them to implement custom programs gradually, starting from one department and extending to other departments over time.

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