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Healthcheck Center Solution

Level Up Your Center Efficiency, Ditch Legacy.

Are you experiencing slow and heavy paper-based workflows, frustrating data entry, and outdated features that no longer meet your needs from a legacy system? Our onestop solution comprises NEXT RIS, NEXT Health CMS, and Medical Image Brochure software.

Start boosting your center’s productivity with our cuttingedge technologies.


In addition to the 20+ features in NEXT clinical management system, we have also developed healthcheck modules that are tailored to meet the unique needs of health checkup centers.

Advanced healthcare features

NEXT Radiology
Information System

NEXT RIS, is an all-encompassing web-based system designed for the smooth operation of healthcheck or imaging centers. This allows the tracking and monitoring of patient progress throughout the radiology workflow.

Medical Image Brochure System

Our medical image brochure system empowers nurses and radiographers to effortlessly and securely create digital booklets that encompass the patient’s examination images, reports and health checkup reports.

Top features

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Fully customizable UI interface
NEXT E-Consent Form
NEXT Film on Cloud
NEXT Generative AI

Advantages of Healthcheck Center Solution

Streamline operations for time-saving

Streamline operations and manage various workflows to enhance efficiency and save time on administrative tasks.

Continual development

We are dedicated to ongoing development, constantly striving to bring you new features and upgrades in the face of evolving customer demand in healthcare.

Subscription billing

We offer a flexible subscription billing model for health checkup organizations. It allows centers to manage their cash flow more efficiently and they can avoid large lump sum payments.

Excellent customer service

Delivering exceptional customer service is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing prompt support and minimizing any disruptions to your operations.

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