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EHRSS Upload Service

Effortless upload to eHealth

As a recognized eHR service provider in Hong Kong, we offer a professional Electronic Health Record Sharing System (EHRSS) radiology upload service for imaging centers to seamlessly collaborate with Private-Public-Partner (PPP) programs to alleviate the burden on the public system.

Service Scope

Recognition of QR code for HA referral cases

Our System recognizes and interprets QR codes associated with Hospital Authority(HA) referral cases. This simplifies the referral process.

Mini PACS server

We provide a reliable and user-friendly mini PACS server to centralize the storage and retrieval system for medical images, facilitating efficient management.

Upload log and

keeping a record of all data transfers between your imaging center and the ehealth platform. It provides transparency and traceability of uploaded data and diagnostic information.


Enhance care coordination

Our EHRSS upload service enables imaging centers to exchange patient information with public organizations conveniently, participating in HA referral cases to provide coordinated care for patients.

Streamline workflow

Streamlining the process of sharing imaging-related electronic health records eliminates the manual handling of physical records. It saves time and reduces administrative burdens.

Improve patient safety

Uploading records to EHRSS can enhance patient safety by providing access to prior imaging results and accurate information transfer which helps in avoiding unnecessary repeat tests and minimizing the risk of misdiagnosis.

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