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Integrated and customized solutions specifically tailored for hospitals to enhance efficiency. We provide operating theatre, outpatient CMS and mobile app development.

Healthcheck Center

All-in-One solutions to assist health checkup centers in streamlining workflow. We offer Health CMS, RIS, Film on Cloud, and Medical Image Brochure software.

Imaging Center

One-stop solutions designed for imaging centers to optimize resource allocation. We offer customized Imaging CMS, RIS and Film on Cloud. 

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Self-developed system with excellent local technical support

All the NEXT products, services, and solutions are developed by our experienced local team. This allows us to have full control over system customization, feasibility, and interoperability.

Adapting to the latest tech

We are keeping tabs on the latest technology that matters to healthcare professionals, such as AI and web-based solutions that can be used to optimize patient experiences.

Focusing on local user experience

We understand the uniqueness and requirements of every healthcare organization in their operations. Our UI/UX team has been designing customer-centric solutions for intuitive user experiences.

Building on our reputation

Our main objective is to create solutions that genuinely benefit our clients in dealing with complex and heavy workloads consistently. We are honored to be establishing a long-term relationship with most of our clients in their business process automation journey.

Global talent

We have assembled a team of exceptional talent to ensure that our products and solutions are crafted by top-tier professionals globally. Our team comprises experienced employees from Canada, the UK, India, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

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