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Imaging Center Solution

Large exam orders? Easy to manage with TABNEXT.

TABNEXT’s imaging center solution aims to provide a fast, accurate, and efficient way to manage complex radiology workflow and center operations. By streamlining tasks from appointment scheduling to examination and reporting, our solution aims to eliminate human errors when handling high volumes of exam orders.


NEXT RIS, is an all-encompassing radiology information system designed for the smooth operation of imaging centers. This allows the tracking and monitoring of patient progress throughout the radiology workflow.

Top features

Film on Cloud

Transitioning from the traditional way of storing examination reports on film to a fully customizable web portal. This allows patients to view images and radiologist reports online. With excellent access to the portal, patients can easily share images and medical reports with referring doctors or any doctor.

Top features

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Brochure System
Fully customizable UI interface

Advantages of Imaging Center Solution


We are committed to advocating for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions within healthcare through advanced technology. Our Film-on-Cloud solution revolutionizes the approach to replacing traditional physical film with a filmless alternative for medical images.

Cost efficiency

Implementing TABNEXT’s imaging solutions can lead to cost savings through reduced paperwork, improved resource utilization, and optimized workflow

Handle complex billing effortlessly

The billing models, such as on-account payment, and partner discounts provided to specific groups of clients can be complicated in imaging centers. Our solution can customize your unique billing procedures.

Excellent customer service

We strive to maintain clear communication with our clients by promptly addressing their concerns and issues.

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