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Medical Healthcare IT Solutions

ENT/EDC Media Imaging Hub

Film Movie Industrial-Grade Video Capturing and Still Image Capturing System which is designed for the ENT/ EDC. The system contains a reporting system which is fully customizable. And this hub can connect with Fujifilm, Pentax and Olympus.

Imaging Center Management System

Next generation all-in-one patient management solution for imaging center with registration, appointment, dashboard, medication order, film tracking and billing! This system can connect with any radiology information system of any brand as well as PACS.

One-Stop Clinical Solution

A one-stop clinical solution is what you need in a clinic or medical center. It consists of appointment booking, dashboard, reporting, nursing operation, doctor operation, pharmacy operation, cert & letter, finance etc.. as well as telemedicine module

Nursing Information System

Nursing Information System (NIS) is a comprehensive mobile & desktop for the handling of in-patients by nurses. It is a total solution which the connection to hospital information system (HIS). The NIS focuses on the medical records, improvement of service quality and try to avoid the medical fault.

Machine Learning Analysis for Real Estate

Real Estate market changes rapidly. Our machine learning analysis analyze the latest information of the real estate market and give a full picture to end-users for reference. It is an always-on mechanism to monitor the whole market.

Real Estate Sale System

Real Estate Sale System is a one-stop solution for the first-hand sale of real-estate in Hong Kong. It is designed for the real estate developers. For more information, you may visit another website: http://www.buildingsoft.hk

System development service

With our 5+ years experience in medical health industry, we are an expert to deliver system development service for our clients. We deeply understand your needs and your difficulties. Hence, we can communicate effectively and straight to the point. With a very good reputation from our clients, you shall be satisfied with our professional service.