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NEXT Clinic Management System

Our locally-developed clinic management system revolutionizes how medical centers, health checkup centers, and clinics operate. It covers daily operation management, patient management, and financial analysis. Start streamlining your workflow, reducing costs, and utilizing all your resources.

Making appointments easier than ever

With the advanced appointment feature, clinicians can effortlessly schedule appointments by automatically matching available timeslots with appropriate facilities, saving valuable time and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Dual-Pane Interface

The dual-pane interface of the consultation module allows doctors to have a comprehensive view of patient information, such as previous notes, allergies or immunization records while allowing them to document the consultation simultaneously.

Integrate with WhatsApp

Connecting with your customers through seamless integration with WhatsApp. For instance, sharing personalized reports, membership point reminders and special promotion offers simply by one click.

20+ features to enhance productivity

Patient Management

Operation Management

Financial Management


Web-based system with excellent accessibility

No software installation or hardware is required. Leveraging the power of NEXT CMS to lower costs while accessing the system securely from anywhere, at any time.

Increase stock efficiency

Streamline your stock management with user-friendly stock dashboards and alerts. Effortlessly monitor stock levels, track inventory, and receive timely notifications.

Flexible invoicing with
partial payment

Our flexible invoicing modules adapt to the unique needs of every healthcare center, including partial payment, and on-account. It ensures accurate and balanced accounts.

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